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Work From Home Support App Now Available To Singapore Law Firms

Work from home support

We are happy to announce that the WFH Consortium’s Work From Home Support App is now live and available for use by the Singapore legal community. The new app, which we built using the Checkbox platform, helps us gather basic information about the work from home (WFH) services that the law firm or legal department […]

The First Day of Enforced Business Suspension at Singapore Law Firms

Singapore law firms work from home

Mayhem or a welcomed timeout? The first day of enforced work from home for Singapore law firms For conveyancers, the first Singapore CIRCUIT BREAKER day was a MAYHEM of non-stop activity, which started from all-nighters the evening before. Conveyancing outfits were go go go at a frantic pace because conveyancing is still a very very […]

Work From Home Services For Singapore Law Firms

Work from home

WFH Consortium To Provide Work From Home Services To Singapore Law Firms In light of the requirement for non-essential Singapore businesses (including law firms) to suspend activities at business premises effective from 7 March 2020, we are happy to announce that we have set up a consortium to assist Singapore law firms in becoming Work […]

Remote Work Solutions for Singapore Law Firms

Remote work

Singapore Remote Work & Work From Home Solutions for Law Firms Can members of your whole office effectively work from home for an extended period should the Covid19 situation continue to worsen? Absolutely! Singapore law firms are well placed to operate remotely due to: High-speed 4G mobile internet and broadband connectivity Online services which are more […]

Bizibody Technology – Celebrating 20 Years of Legal Technology Consulting in 2020

Bizibody technology

Morphing from a Y2K dotcom into an industry-leading legal technology consulting company in 2020 As we head into 2020, all of us at Bizibody Technology thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your kind support and friendship over the past 20 years. We would not be here without you. From our Y2K dotcom […]

LegalTech Strategies for Singapore Law Firms

Singapore law firms

The Realities of LegalTech and Strategies for Singapore Law Firms Headline-grabbing articles like “Machines are going to replace lawyers” or “Robo-lawyers are here to take your jobs” have become du jour in the legal industry. In the midst of the buzz and hype around LegalTech, it is important for us to have an educated discourse […]

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