Law Firm Startup Services

Bizibody has been assisting lawyers to start up their practices since 2005 and has assisted over 85 law firms with their setup. With the right support, setting up a law firm can be a rewarding and enjoyable process. We offer a complimentary consultancy session*, during which we will guide you through the setup process, key considerations, and answer any questions you may have.

This discussion typically includes:

  • Law firm set up timelines and procedures
  • Compliance at setup and ongoing
  • LLC versus LLP tax treatment
  • Capital and dividend structuring
  • Setup process: timeframe, budgeting, and key considerations

We can also run through, in detail, the setup and backroom support services provided by the Bizibody Alliance, including:

  • Law Firm Startup — incorporation, statutory requirements, IT set up
  • Backroom Support — bookkeeping, website, paralegal support, IT services,  including email set up, practice management systems, registration to third party systems
  • Litigation Supporte-discovery, document digitization, automated bundling

Please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultancy session.

* The first consulting session is offered as a complimentary service under the Law Society’s Practice Consult scheme; however, all discussions remain confidential, and that we do not disclose your names or any information shared with us to the Law Society.