Digital Transformation Consulting

  • End to End Workflow Automation for Residential Conveyancing
  • Anti-Money Laundering Workflow Solution for Law Firms
  • PEP, Sanctions, and Adverse Media Searches
  • Document Automation Solutions
  • Automated Legal Compliance Solutions
  • Digital Transformation Services

Legal Technologies Pioneers

Bizibody has been providing everyday legal technologies to law practices in Singapore, for close to 20 years. We are pioneers in an area that has now come into its own – “Legal Tech”.

We believe that lawyers play a critical part in providing the man on the street with access to legal services, and that the use of technology is essential in making legal services affordable and available.

For the past 20 years, we have been focusing on law firm Practice Management Systems (“PMS”). Our range of PMS systems (LEAP, CLIO, BHL, PageLightPrime) are commonplace in Singapore law firms and are widely used for client and matter intake, time recording, e-invoicing, and financial management.

Digital Process Automation (”DPA”)

Now that PMSes have become commonplace in law firms, the time is ripe for us to bring more advanced – deeper, wider workflow automation into law firms and in-house legal teams. As legal tech pioneers, we are keen to play a leading role in the evolution of the legal tech landscape.

We have created a new division – – to provide DPA technologies to law firms and in-house legal teams seeking automation of core areas beyond the back-end administrative areas covered by off-the-shelf PMSes. : A for Agile and X for the “X” factor

ALEXX’s digitalization and automation of traditionally paper-based manual processes will provide law firms and legal departments with new digital capabilities, as well as the flexibility to re-structure work processes, work allocation, and work centralization.

While our focus is on automating specific niche areas of practice, such as conveyancing and Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”), we are, in fact, building expertise in the automation of common manual legal processing workflows, such as data extraction from PDF, production of complex documents, execution of due diligence searches, data comparison between different sources. Hence, bespoke yet scalable automation solutions is what we are gearing up for.

Concurrently, we have also reached out to law firms and legal departments to co-create compliance and legal tech solutions for their end-clients, for example, co-creating guided compliance solutions such as PDPA, online self-help production of documents such as wills, non-disclosure agreements, funding agreements for startups, – these are a few of the other areas that we are currently pursuing.

The ALEXX team will provide the following services:
  1. Review, re-engineer and document business processes
  2. Scope automation and integration costs and benefits
  3. Translate the workflows into software requirements
  4. Develop bespoke, automated workflow and integration systems that :
    a. Eliminate “robotic” tasks which have significant manual, clerical elements such as standard document preparation, copy and paste “swivel chair” activity
    b. Extract data from unstructured documents
    c. Facilitate data flows across systems via APIs, webhooks, triggers etc
    d. Automate task handoffs and trigger activities
    e. Automate client facing activities (chatbots and online document generation)
Expected benefits of implementing ALEXX include:
  1. Elimination of work that can be automated;
  2. Lower costs, higher profitability;
  3. More fulfilling work and better work life balance;
  4. Improved accuracy and uniformity of workflows and work products,
  5. Reduction of defects and re-work;
  6. Reduced risk; and
  7. Improved reporting and communication between legal teams and clients, leading to an enhanced client journey.