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Bizibody has assisted hundreds of Singapore law firms in the transition to new legal practice management solutions.

Modern legal practice management solutions are baseline systems in any law firm. Initially, the term practice management was used interchangeably with time and billing. Today’s practice management solutions still have billing at their core, but the latest versions now include case management features such as document management, communication, and workflow management, and are able to integrate seamlessly with workflow and document management solutions. ​

A robust and well-supported practice management system provides your law firm with a solid foundation to manage and scale its practice and finances, as well as to manage the document, communication, and workflow components of its cases. ​


With over 20 years of experience in providing practice management solutions to Singapore law firms ranging from 1 to 100 lawyers, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach is not enough. That’s why we currently support five different systems.

Selecting the right solution is vital, as changing a PMS mid-way through the process can be quite disruptive. Just as every law firm is unique, no two systems are the same. Our range of practice management solutions enables us to successfully accommodate the different needs, priorities, and budgets of the many law firms that we serve. ​

For the past 20+ years, we have assisted hundreds of firms in the transition to new practice management technology. Our role is to guide you through software selection, and the entire onboarding process, from system configuration, system enhancements to integrations, data migration, training, support, consulting, and advice. ​​

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Clio Practice Management System


We start the process by gaining an understanding of your business goals and challenges. Based on that, we then shortlist one or two of the practice management systems that best meet your needs.

Once the solution has been selected, our very experienced solution implementation team will project manage the implementation from the kick-off meeting to training, go-live, and post-training support.  

Our implementation team works exclusively with law firms and is closely supported by our technology partners. 

We understand that PMS curation and selection can be flummoxing.  Aside from budget, these are some of the factors that we take into account:

  • Newbie or Upgrader
  • Cloud or On-Premises
  • General Drivers, including business model/strategy, client experience, productivity, better financial management, paper-lessing, remote collaboration and working.
  • Specific Drivers, including “must-have” features such as multi-currency capabilities, mobile app, Pro-forma invoices, specific disbursement treatments, and online approvals.
  • All-in-One or Best-of-Breed solution
  • Licensing Preference: Concurrent or Named User
  • Firm Size and HR Structure: who does what, which functions are centralized, is there an office manager.
  • Practice Areas, as specific areas determine required PMS functionality,  type and volume of disbursements, fixed fee, or time-based commercial model.
  • Working Style: Paperless quotient, current document saving, and management habits.
  • User Interface Preference(s)
  • Customization and Integration Requirements (eg Microsoft collaboration tools: Outlook, OneDrive, or  SharePoint).
  • Corporate Culture and Appetite for Change
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No one knows practice management solutions like Bizibody, and no one carries a wider range of carefully curated PMS like we do.