Legal Technology

Bizibody Technology has been legal technology evangelists and consultants even before “legal tech” became a thing.  We have carefully curated best-of-breed legal technology with our specialties, with our preferred practice management and legal document management solutions outlined below.

Practice Management Solutions

An invaluable tool for law firms of all sizes, Clio overcomes many of the technical hurdles presented by conventional practice management solutions, allowing lawyers to simplify their workflow and focus valuable time on serving their clients.

Bizibody’s designation as a Gold Clio Certified Consultant means we have completed the necessary training and testing to the standards set by Clio, giving our clients independent verification of our abilities in helping law firms set up and use Clio’s cloud-based practice management solution. Learn More

​Eulexica’s practice management system (PMS) is a modular, fully integrated application designed from the ground up for managing the complexities of global law firms.

Firms using this PMS report higher per partner profit and increased total productivity. By automating specific tasks, Eulexica transforms the provision of legal services. High-performing law firms are those that embrace technology as tools for efficiency, profitability, and growth. Learn More

LawCloud is a case management system that automates high volume process-driven practice areas.

LawCloud automates processes such as document production and monitoring key dates in high volume process-driven practice areas, such as Conveyancing, Personal Injury, Corporate Secretarial, and Debt Collection, reduces both time spent and rate of error. Automating workflows in such areas has become increasingly essential, as client pressure drives price points down to such an extent that law firms have to process such cases in the most efficient and accurate manner. Read More

LEAP Office is a Windows-based practice management system specially designed for smaller law firms.

LEAP Office has been one of Bizibody’s flagship products since 2008. It is a Microsoft Windows-based practice management system that has been designed specially to cater to the needs and budgets of smaller law firms. Over 75 law firms in Singapore use LEAP Office to manage their practice. Read More

PageLightPrime is a client matter workspace built on Office 365 and backed by Microsoft cloud architecture.

With PageLightPrime you can manage entire operations of law firms, from client onboarding, case file management, financial accounting, internal process, and client communications. Learn More

Legal Document Management Solutions

With more than 1 million users in 11,000 companies across 60 countries, you’ll be in great company when you deploy HotDocs.

HotDocs allows law firms to automate the generation of transactional legal documents—anything from standard correspondence to complex wills, trusts, and contracts. Not only can HotDocs dramatically reduce the time it takes to generate documents, the software will also improve the quality of your legal documents by reducing the likelihood of human error. Learn More

Unlock the power of Microsoft 365 with MacroView’s award-winning solutions for generating and managing documents and emails.

By enhancing the integration between Microsoft SharePoint and familiar applications such as Microsoft Office®, Adobe Reader® and Microsoft Windows®, MacroView provides the legal document management functionality and user experience that legal users require in order to work efficiently. Learn More

When it comes to document management, Worldox offers more immediate and long-term business value than any other solution. Worldox is sensible, proven document management, rooted firmly in the needs, goals, and feedback of real users and their law firms.

Unlike some document management solutions, Worldox can handle any form of information that can be saved as a file, from Microsoft Office documents and email to scanned files and multimedia content. With Worldox, you can organize, control, and provide access to the documents your people need today – and the new types of documents they may create in the future. Learn More