Work From Home Support App Now Available To Singapore Law Firms

Work from home support

We are happy to announce that the WFH Consortium’s Work From Home Support App is now live and available for use by the Singapore legal community. The new app, which we built using the Checkbox platform, helps us gather basic information about the work from home (WFH) services that the law firm or legal department (requestor) is requesting. This information is compiled and emailed automatically to the appropriate consultant within the WFH Consortium.

Access the WFH Support Portal

Checkbox is a no-code platform that enables the automation of processes, including a combination of intake, making assessments, facilitating approval workflows and generating documents.

The benefits of utilizing the WFH Support App (as opposed to email or telephone) are:

  1. Faster Service for the Requestor. The app sends the request and the relevant information directly to the appropriate consultant on our team without the need for any manual intervention. As our consulting team is decentralized (working from home or attending onsite), the key to facilitating a prompt response is getting the request and preliminary information distributed quickly.
  2. Eliminates Unnecessary Manual Work. Inefficient Q&A via an email exchange and/or the redirection of requests to the appropriate consultant is mitigated.
  3. Centralized Storage of Request Data. Information captured through the WFH Support App questionnaire is securely stored in a centralized database for future use, including the use of analytics to generate insights about industry trends.
  4. Elimination of Communication Errors.

The WFH Support App could have been further developed on Checkbox to generate a tech recommendation or a service quote, but this functionality was not required in our case. Our goal was to quickly provide an app to facilitate the fastest response to WFH requests.

When I sounded Checkbox founder Evan Wong to discuss the use of Checkbox for WFH Support to the legal community, he said “That’s a great case-use and a common one for Checkbox. We call it the legal front door. Our customer Telstra has 36,000 employees who have to go through Checkbox to engage legal. They can either self-serve using our automation apps or escalate and triage to the right counsel.”

Bizibody has worked with Checkbox to provide self-service document automation and automated workflows to legal departments and law firms in Singapore. We are also looking to use the platform to develop a regulatory and compliance app. Checkbox is certainly one of the easiest to use no-code automation platforms in the legal space, and their team is one of the most responsive and hardworking in the legal technology industry.

Many thanks to the Checkbox team for agreeing to sponsor the WFH Consortium’s use of Checkbox for the Singapore legal community. I texted Evan at 9:00 pm (his time) last Sunday and the platform was available for our use by 10.45 pm that evening. Thank you @Evan and @Checkbox for agreeing to work with us in a heartbeat!

Warmest Regards,

Serena Lim
Bizibody Technology Pte Ltd
Tel 90127346

Work From Home Support App from the WFH Consortium


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