Clio’s COVID-19 Impact Research Briefing


Clio’s covid-19 impact research briefing

Clio’s legal practice management software used to analyze the business impact of coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has had a very sudden and alarming impact on the world, its global economies, and the legal industry. As the pandemic fast becomes the definitive struggle of this generation—and as countless legal professionals endeavor to maintain the health of their businesses—overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19 requires that we have a better understanding of our situation.

As part of the ongoing industry analyses featured in the annual Legal Trends Report, Clio has undertaken new in-depth research to learn more about the challenges US legal professionals currently face due to the global pandemic. Included here are initial findings from the first of several studies to be conducted over the coming months, which aim to shed light on the difficulties that lie ahead. We hope this information becomes a useful resource for individual practitioners and industry leaders alike in making informed decisions and adapting to the evolving situation we face.

Clio’s covid-19 impact research briefing To better understand the impact this pandemic has had on the legal industry, this briefing includes analysis from aggregated and anonymized data from tens of thousands of legal professionals using Clio’s legal practice management software. It also includes survey data collected between April 3 and 14. When looked at together, Clio’s app data and quantitative survey analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of business impact and individual sentiment among both lawyers and their market of consumers. read more

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