Technology Innovation in a Time of Remote Working – From Coping to Thriving

Remote working

The “New Normal” of Remote Working for Courts, Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments, and Legal Technology Providers

The challenges presented by the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have been unique, unprecedented, and wide-ranging, upheaving our personal and professional lives with a “new normal” that has changed the very fabric of society. Stay Home Notice (SHN), self-isolation, social distancing, and work from home (WFH) are now commonplace terms while being virtually unknown even four months ago.

Work from Home Services For Singapore Law Firms

Social distancing has brought about a requirement for businesses to digitize, overnight. This has created an explosive demand for cloud-based practice management, document management, case management, and video conference systems.

While the end of the pandemic remains an unknown factor, it has become evident that there will be lasting repercussions for the legal industry. Courts, law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal technology providers will be adapting to a transformed legal ecosystem with distributed staff, virtual offices, and a demand for integrated digital solutions. read more

Source: Serena Lim and Brad Mixner  – The Singapore Law Gazette

Technology Innovation in a Time of Remote Working

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