Webcast: Meeting Clients’ Demand for “Faster-Better-Cheaper” With Workflow Automation

Webcast: meeting clients’ demand for “faster-better-cheaper” with workflow automation

Tech-celerate Solution(s) @ Law Society

Please join Serena Lim, Managing Director of Bizibody Technology, for a Tech-celerate for Law online lunchtime talk, on Thursday, 13 February 2020, from 12:30pm – 2:00pm.

“Faster-Better-Cheaper” With Workflow Automation

This was originally scheduled to be held at the Law Society premises but due to ongoing concerns about the coronavirus, and its ease of transmission, it will now be presented in the format of a live webcast. You can now attend this seminar, from the comfort of your office or home or any other safe space- as long as you have a laptop/device with an internet connection and an inbuilt or external speaker. You do not need a video camera to participate.

Serena will wear both her Bizibody and Litigation Edge hats, and share:

  • Processes that can be automated, beyond file opening, billing and financial management, to achieve significant efficiency gains; and
  • Technology that law firms can easily put in place to improve their client journey, and to attract new clients.
  • The Techcelerate Grant offerings from Bizibody and Litigation Edge that will assist you financially with your advanced automation journey.

This webcast will be particularly useful for you if your firm already has in place the baseline legal technology tools (your PMS and website), and are interested to find out what and how you can automate to achieve Faster Better Cheaper.

During the session, you will be able to pose any questions you may have through an online Q&A platform which we will be setting up for this session. If you have any areas of automation you would like to be addressed, you may also email Serena directly at slim@bizibody.biz, before the session.

Please note the following details for the registration and the webcast:


Register here to attend the webcast (if you have not previously registered).
The event is free of charge, and is on a first come- first serve basis. The good news is that we can now accommodate more attendees, and are no longer restricted by the physical space. As this is being held at lunchtime, please feel free to eat while I talk.

Webcast URL

10-15 minutes before the event, go to lsstfl.bmice.com
No password is required but you do need to input your email details after you click on the webcast URL.

Technical Support

If you have any technical questions regarding how to join the webcast, you may call our helpdesk at Tel 6950 4124 before the session commences.


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