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LegalTech Waters Run Rough and Deep


by Serena Lim, Bizibody Technology / Litigation Edge Our Ship Has Many a Storm to Weather Today’s lawyer is expected to have many more skills than legal knowledge alone. So put your textbooks away, as there are many other competencies such as problem-solving skills, technology skills, communication skills, people skills, project management, and time management […]

Practice Consult – A Support Initiative From The Law Society Of Singapore

Practice consult

The Practice Consult Initiative “Practice Consult” is a practice management support initiative of the Law Society Of Singapore, which provides assistance and guidance to legal practitioner members on practice management issues. What Is Practice Consult? Under the Practice Consult scheme, a legal practice management consultant offers guidance and advice on practice risk management, practice management […]

Singapore Tech-celerate For Law Is Ending On 15 January 2021

Singapore tech-celerate for law

Singapore Law Firms Can Receive Up To 80% Funding Support With Tech-celerate for Law Tech-celerate for Law is a support scheme for the adoption of technology solutions by Singapore Law Practices (SLPs). Launched by the Law Society of Singapore, in partnership with Ministry of Law, Enterprise Singapore and Info-Communications Media Development Authorty (IMDA), this scheme […]

Thinking Ahead for the Legal Future — Tech-celerate for Law

Tech-celerate for law

Tech-celerate for Law program is a grant scheme to help Singapore law practices adopt technology The Tech-celerate for Law conference was held on 15 May 2019 to commemorate the launch of the Law Society’s latest legal technology initiatives, the Tech-celerate for Law program, and the SmartLaw Guild.  This article provides a summary of the conference […]

The Law Society of Singapore sets up Women in Practice task force to address inequities still present in the legal industry

Women in practice

Women in Practice Taskforce initiated by Law Society President Gregory Vijayendran Bizibody has always been an advocate for inclusiveness and, in fact, has a number of employees (both male and female) with flexible work arrangements in order to manage family, health and other matters while continuing to work. We use technology as much as we […]

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