Three Ways Engaging AI Can Streamline Legal Practices

Streamline legal practices

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Streamline the Business of Law

Every year globally, millions of documents pass through the hands of lawyers to build cases for their clients and this only grows over time. According to the Future Ready Lawyer’s Survey which interviewed 700 lawyers across the US and Europe, seven out of 10 lawyers struggle with the increasing volume and complexity of document processing and want to focus on efficiency and productivity in document management and processing. The time taken back and forth in searching, asking, and validating information versus spending time with their clients or building the case translates to high running costs and reduced transaction rates as a business over time.

The Rise of Legal Tech To Streamline Legal Practices

Today, artificial intelligence is reducing the mechanical and repetitive rigor in the business of law globally. It’s no surprise over the last year, legal tech has seen a 713 percent increase in investment according to Forbes. Here are three benefits of applying AI to streamline their legal business. [read more]

Source: Dr. Sinuhé Arroyo – The Singapore Law Gazette


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