Proven in over 4,000 organizations, Worldox GX2 offers lawyers and their support teams a single, easy-to-use interface for finding exactly the information they need in order to work more efficiently.

Law Practices using Worldox GX can now -

# Collaborate more effectively as teams, whether they’re supporting the same client, addressing the same matter, or participating in the same project
# Respond more rapidly and effectively to questions, problems, and new business opportunities
# Reduce costs, by eliminating the costs of searching for (or recreating) content
# More fully leverage existing information they’ve already paid to create
# Bring order, clarity, and consistency to the generation and organization of intellectual property

Why You Should Use Document Management Software in your Law Office

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The WORLDOX Advantage -
Lower costs throughout the entire lifecycle. Worldox costs less to purchase, less to deploy, less to support, and less to administer.
Rapid implementation. With Worldox, you can begin driving real business value in days or weeks, not months or years – whether you’re deploying document management for the first time, or migrating from another system.
Proven reliability over 20 years. Worldox GX2, our latest product, reflects everything we’ve learned in delivering state-of-the-art document management solutions since 1988. Worldox has an installed base of more than 3,500 organizations of all sizes, in more than 35 countries. Worldox has the largest and most diverse installed base of any document management solution.
Exceptional simplicity and usability. Worldox builds upon the basic file handling skills computer users already have. Because users find it intuitive, they like Worldox, so they actually use it. With Worldox, you can organize, control, and provide access to the documents your team needs today – and the new types of documents they may create in the future.
Unlimited flexibility and easy integration with your existing infrastructure. Worldox provides a full range of solutions for integrating with your other business systems, including Worldox Connectors, the Worldox API, and a wide spectrum of third-party solutions.

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