A document assembly and workflow solution offering increased productivity and efficiency to increase revenue and/ or reduce time spent drafting, reviewing and amending legal documents

For any law practice, large or small, who would
like to complete more work in less time and:

– address clients’ demands for high quality lower cost legal services
– maintain profitability in spite of reduced legal fees

– enhance quality and accuracy of legal documents
– enjoy legal practice by not having to sweat the small stuff


– Dynamic Q&A process which guides user to provide the information required to produce the document
– Documents created based on client, matter and transaction details, inserts relevant clauses, gender, singular/ plural, formatting etc.
– Standard and bespoke templates available to kick start document automation processes
– Cloud-based, can generate documents from anywhere, anytime

– “Intelligent” information extraction process: next questions asked, and documents generated, based on user provided information
– “Remembers” the information provided for a matter for future use so user only needs to input once for each matter
– Digital workflow, including document approval, between lawyer and associate(s)/ client(s)
– Affordable monthly subscription, includes support and updates


Beyond our standard privacy policies and terms of use, JennaDoc ensures the confidentiality of our users through the following features:

– All assembled documents are automatically and permanently deleted from JennaDoc after 7 days
– All previously saved answers can be deleted at any time, and the default auto-save function can be disabled at any time, at the option of the user

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