Singapore clio user community newsletter q4 2020
Singapore clio user community newsletter q4 2020
Singapore clio user community newsletter q4 2020

Singapore clio user community newsletter q4 2020

Singapore User Community Newsletter

September – December 2020 Edition

Covid-19 has made the Bizibody team even more determined to bring Clio to ALL small law firms, and to ensure that existing clients use the Clio solution to its fullest potential. Please continue reading below to find an informative update that we have prepared for you.

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Clio Practice Management System

Insights & Updates

One of Clio‘s standout features is the ability to integrate with third party systems. The most widely used integration is the Clio – Xero integration, along with cloud-based document repositories such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. Below you will find four additional Clio integrations for your consideration.

Singapore clio user community newsletter q4 2020


ALEXX Anti-Money Laundering App from Bizibody Technology

ALEXX Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is our low-cost app that helps small law firms undertake AML searches on persons and entities (including Politically Exposed persons, Sanctions and Adverse Media searches) and maintain compliance with mandatory Know Your Client (KYC) due diligence obligations.

The ALEXX AML app searches against the Acuris Risk Intelligence database and enables lawyers to cost-effectively discharge their KYC due diligence obligations.

CLIO Manage & ALEXX Integration Benefits
  1. ALEXX AML searches can be efficiently triggered from Clio and the AML search results and disbursements can be saved back into Clio.
  2. Person or entity names in Clio are automatically pre-filled into the ALEXX search field, reducing the opportunity for error.

As a reminder, lawyers are obliged under the Law Society’s Anti-Money Laundering rules to undertake due diligence searches and prescribed KYC steps to ensure their services are not being used to further money laundering and terrorist financing.

Singapore clio user community newsletter q4 2020

Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is used by more than 75 million people on a daily basis. Clio for Microsoft Teams enables users to create a new “Team” when creating or editing a matter in Clio, and access them from the matter dashboard.

The most popular Microsoft Teams features include chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, collaboration, and file sharing.

Singapore clio user community newsletter q4 2020


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The Electronic Transactions Act provides for the legal recognition and use of electronic signatures in place of wet signatures, apart from transactions such as Wills, Powers of Attorneys, and Transfers of Real Property.

CLIO users enjoy ten complimentary HelloSign signatures per month*. The ten e-Signature requests per user can be pooled across the firm, meaning accounts with two users share twenty e-Signature requests per month, accounts with three users share thirty e-Signature requests per month, and so on.  *Clio Boutique Package

Singapore clio user community newsletter q4 2020

Microsoft Outlook

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The Clio Manage plugin for Microsoft Outlook is a “must have” integration for all firms who wish to transition to a paper-lite practice.

Clio Manage & Microsoft Outlook Integration Benefits
  1. Update Clio Manage with emails and attachments from Outlook.
  2. Track working time on a matter directly from the Outlook inbox.
  3. Access and edit email attachments from Clio Manage.
  4. Use the Clio Mobile App to save and send emails.
  5. Create a central repository for firm members to access email communications on a given matter.

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