• Intuitive User Experience
  • Advanced Document Management
  • Powerful, Flexible Search
  • Convenient Document Generation
  • Facilitates Document Collaboration
  • Management of Cases, Matters & Projects
  • Install-And-Go Solution
MacroView DMF Explorer
MacroView DMF Explorer

Features of Macroview Case and Matter

Intuitive Experience

  • Lets you work in familiar applications such as MS Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader and Windows itself.
  • The MacroView tree-view display makes working with Office365 document store as familiar as working with a folder tree in a Windows file share or Outlook.
  • You can drag and drop to save emails and attachments, to upload files from a Windows folder or to move / copy documents / emails from one area to another.
  • Formatted previews of documents and emails.
  • Windows-style right-click menus – familiar and convenient means of opening documents, sending document as attachments or links, renaming, downloading, deleting and other DM tasks.

Advanced DM Functionality

  • Excellent Metadata support, including support for centrally managed term sets and extensive automatic metadata capture.
  • Unique Document Numbering that works like a traditional DM system.
  • The Version Control options that experienced DM users expect as they close a new document or a document that they have edited in Word and Excel.
  • Easy for non-administrator users to adjust permissions to individual documents and / or to the storage areas for matters / cases/ projects.
  • Audit and Compliance features, including easy access to the audit trail for a document and convenient means to declare a document as a record or to apply / remove legal holds

Powerful, Flexible Search

MacroView Case and Matter installs with Search Panels that let you find the documents and / or emails you need, either across the whole document store or in the area corresponding to a case, matter or project:


  • Matter Documents – search based on content and / or metadata such as Unique Document ID, Document Type, Document Author, etc. Can be re-labelled Case Documents or Project Documents.
  • Keyword Search – search based on words / phrases contained in the document and / or metadata such as My Document.
  • Email Search – search for emails based on content and / or automatically recorded email attributes such as To, From, Received Time, Subject , etc.
MacroView ClauseBank
MacroView ClauseBank


  • Generate proposals, reports and presentations quickly, accurately and efficiently.
  • Respond faster to queries by using pre-approved content and  templates.
  • Manage Organizational Templates securely and intuitively.
  • Link with MacroView DMF or existing document management systems.

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