In “high volume, low margin” legal services such as conveyancing, mortgage financing and debt recovery practice, the largest part of your resources is spent on the production of standard forms and letters.
There are accordingly significant benefits to be gained from automating the preparation of standard documents, including –

Elimination of duplicated data input
Greater accuracy and consistency
More efficient use of limited human resources
Lower Practice Risks (templates are fixed)
Less Professional Time checking documents and More Time on Client Care

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Our Hotdocs Solution
HOTDOCS Document Assembly or “mail merge” engine – reuses matter-specific data across all Precedent Templates so that you never have to key in any data twice.

Bizibody Hotdocs Form
Using Hotdocs, we have created legal templates for conveyancing and real property bank mortgages, personal injury, corporate secretarial and family law.

Template Development Service
Bizibody Hotdocs Consultants will customize your own standard forms and convert them into precedent templates; including electronic stationery such as your firm letterheads, file covers and standard letters.