Outsourced digitization and
cloud storage for closed matters

R.I.P. paper warehousing!


The choice couldn’t be simpler – pay to maintain a warehouse with paper documents or opt for a secure, electronic document archive with effortless search, document preview and retrieval, at a cost you can recover from your client.

Most law firms create documents at an alarming rate. Physical warehousing of archived files may not seem like a large expense initially. Yet over time the costs of storage, retrieval and destruction really adds up. This is compounded by the growing volume of documents in all areas of practice.

ARCHIVE-IT” is an electronic archiving solution for the legal industry. Our imaging and storage processes are compliant with the Singapore Law Society Rules. Furthermore, our innovative pricing model makes it possible for you to accurately recover the full archiving costs from your Client.


  • Process Efficiency – Full text search and document previews enable effortless and instantaneous retrieval of documents.
  • Compliance – Digitization and Electronic Storage meets the requirements of The Law Society’s Guidance Note 1 of 2006 on the “Storage of Documents in Electronic Form”, and enjoys presumption of authenticity under the Evidence Act.
  • Security – a 100% electronic archive with encrypted online access, with full audit trails
  • Matter-Centric – Our matter centric approach means you can retrieve documents by matter. Now you don’t have to call up a whole box just to retrieve a single file.
  • Costs Saving – Upfront cost predictability and payment enables law firms to hedge against inflation and to recover all archiving costs from their clients. No additional costs for document retrieval.


ARCHIVE-IT is competitively priced, and is based on a one-lump sum fee which includes :

  1. Matter-centric archiving of paper and electronic documents
  2. Complimentary Document Collection
  3. Digitization and storage in accordance with Law Society Guidance Notes
  4. Secure cloud storage for 6 / 12 years
  5. DIY access and retrieval through a secure login
  6. Auto-notifications of matter destruction dates
  7. Hard copy destruction

ARCHIVE-IT meets the requirements prescribed by the Evidence-Act and the Law Society of Singapore. Documents in our electronic file archive enjoy presumption of authenticity under the Evidence Act* and complies with the Law Society’s Best Practices for Electronic Storage**, including full audit trail.

* Presumption of Authenticity under the Evidence Act Sec116A: Where the electronic record was created in the usual and ordinary Court of business by a person who was not party to the proceedings, and the proponent of the record did not control the making of the record, the record will be presumed to be authentic.
** “Storage of Documents in Electronic Form” from The Law Society’s Guidance Note 1 of 2006

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