We understand that legal teams have different pain points and, depending on the current set up and area(s) of practice, have different needs in terms of automation and digital transformation.

We therefore always start with a preliminary consultation with a key stakeholder within your organisation. Areas that require digital transformation may include some, or all, of the following areas:

  • Backroom efficiency, e.g. financial management, document management
  • Legal team efficiency, e.g. document review and/ or generation, evidence review and/ or management, ability to work collaboratively and remotely
  • Automation of high-volume low-value work, such as conveyancing/ debt recovery
  • Compliance
  • Contract life cycle management
  • Integrations between disparate systems

We work with you to develop your digital architecture in tandem with mindset, skillsets and strategy, to meet the KPIs identified by you.


Besides bespoke digital transformation consulting services, we have a comprehensive paper-lessing project plan, designed to transform a traditional, paper-full law firm/ legal department into a paper-light firm/ legal department, paving the way for a more comprehensive digital transformation.


To find out more about our digital transformation and/ or paper-lessing consulting services, contact us to book a free 30-minute telephone consultation.