We are, primarily, consultants to the legal industry. We help lawyers eliminate the pain points in their workflows, be it practice management, document management, meeting increasing demands of quality legal services faster and at lower cost, managing overheads and costs including archiving of old files, client relationship management, and more.

We provide targeted solutions to meet each clients’ specific needs, and start by getting to know you. We find out:
(1) where you are,
(2) where you would like to be, and then
(3) recommend a solution(s) that takes you there.

We then work with you to implement the solutions.

We have a range of technology solutions, from practice management systems to document management and automation tools. We also provide training and helpdesk support services. For lawyers wanting to go paperless, we have a comprehensive paperlessing project plan to automate as many aspects of law firm management and operations as possible. For lawyers setting up a new firm, we also offer law firm start-up services.

For more information on our consultancy services, contact us to book a free 30-minute telephone consultation.

Government Grants for Technology Implementation

Government Grants are an important consideration in all our implementations.

We work closely with qualified Grant advisors from SPRING Singapore and Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (“PIC”) Tax consultants to advise you on the grant options available for your implementation, and to guide you through the application process.

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