What Is Search Engine Marketing & Google Adwords – And What Can It Do For You?


Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of marketing a website via Internet search engines,  through paid or sponsored listings. It is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, as you only make  payment to the search engine when a visitor clicks on your paid or sponsored listing.

Both Google and Yahoo offer PPC advertising. We will illustrate below an example of PPC advertising, using Google Adwords.

Scenario: I am a layperson looking for a divorce lawyer to represent me. I search for a divorce lawyer in  google by typing the words “finding divorce lawyer”. Google’s search results appear on the left side of  the results page. However, matching PPC adverts (which Google calls “Sponsored Links”) appear on the right and on the top of the page, as outlined in red below.

Keyword search on “Finding divorce lawyer”



How Does Google Adwords Work? 

Google Adwords (which is synonymous with Search Engine Marketing ) is essentially a real-time auction, in which you bid on searches with the keywords you want your ad to appear.

When a keyword you are bidding on (eg “Finding Divorce Lawyer”) is searched in Google, yours and your competitiors’ adverts are displayed in the sponsored links columns.

The order of the display – aka “ranking” is determined by 2 factors:

1. Who bids the most; and

2. The Ad copy and landing page most relevant to the keyword being searched. When your ad is

clicked on, you pay the amount you bid.

For example, in the example below, Godwin Campos might bid $1.50 for the keyword: Finding divorce lawyer”. If 50 people clicked on Godwin Canpos’ ad, Godwin Campos would pay Google $75

(50 * $1.50).


What can Search Engine Marketing(aka Pay-Per-Click Advertising) Do For You? 

1. It helps you tap into the online market, and reach out to customers at the time when they are  looking for you.  The number of internet users totalled 2,421,800 Internet users as of September 2005.

2. Search engines are the most widely used vehicle for generating traffic to websites. In fact, research confirms that over 90% of Internet users utilize search engines to find products, services or information. Research also clearly demonstrates that if your website isn’t found within the top 10 to 30 search results (the first three pages), no one will find it. And if they don’t find it, not only won’t they become customers — they will find your competitors instead.

3. Search Engine Marketing makes it easy for your prospects to find you, using keywords that you would like to be associated with. Search Engine Marketing will enhance your website’s positioning in the search results and enable your customers to locate you on the Internet.

4. Search Engine Marketing is the only advertising medium where you pay for results—you pay only when a consumer clicks on your ad listing. What other marketing method restricts payment to only when qualified prospects react positively to your ad?

5. Search Engine Marketing can help you target different markets. You can restrict your listing to appear only in Singapore networks, or to only appear in selected geographical location. Now it is even possible to target consumers by city.

6. Search Engine Marketing is the most cost-effective form of direct-marketing. The average cost per lead from search is less than the Yellow Pages, banner ads and direct mail.

7. In short, at whatever stage of your business evolution and whether your practice is a general or niche practice, Search Engine Marketing will help you increase your bottom line, by driving more qualified prospects to your site. It will also help you increase brand awareness and recognition.

8. Search Engine Marketing is especially suited for small law firms, as Search Engine Marketing is a relative affordable medium (starting at $0.10 per click) and each campaign can be constrained to suit even the smallest marketing budgets (eg $5.00 per day)


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