Tech-celerate for Law Grant Program


Tech-celerate for Law is an initiative by the Law Society of Singapore, the Ministry of Law, Enterprise Singapore and the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA).

Building on the success of the Tech Start for Law Programme, Tech-celerate for Law prepares Singapore Law Practices (SLPs) for future disruptions beyond baseline technology adoption, empowering SLPs to focus on delivering enhanced legal services, strengthening their capabilities and increasing their competitiveness in the global landscape.

These legal technology solutions range from baseline to advanced categories with products powered by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Under this program, qualified SLPs are able to choose and adopt legal technology solutions from 7 pre-scoped solution categories with up to 70% funding support in the first year of implementation.

Application for the Tech-celerate for Law Programme begins on 2 May 2019 and ends on 1 May 2020.

Refer to the Law Society Brochure for more details on the program and the approved solutions and vendors.

Pre-approved Bizibody products include:

Clio Practice Management System

Clio is a comprehensive, cloud-based, practice and case management solution (Clio Manage) plus client intake and legal CRM software (Clio Grow) with mobile apps. Clio is available with optional integrations to:

  • Faster Suite, which connects Clio to Windows applications such as Outlook and File Explorer, making it seamless for lawyers to save emails and documents from their desktop into Clio; and
  • Xero, a comprehensive online accounting software designed for SMEs, which is IRAS compliant and integrates with Singapore bank feeds.

This suite of solutions empowers law firms to be simultaneously client centric and firm-focused.


Hotdocs is the leading global document assembly solution offering increased productivity and efficiency to increase revenue and/ or reduce time spent drafting, reviewing and amending legal documents.

LawCloud uses the Hotdocs engine for document automation, with additional features and functions that make it more useful to lawyers.

Hotdocs-Lawcloud provides the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: more work can be completed in less time; lowering cost of production for law firms
  • Speed: speedy preparation and distribution of documents possible even in complex, document intensive transactions
  • Quality and Accuracy: enhances the quality and accuracy of legal documents, as compared to traditional copy and paste methods


CaseRoom is an affordable, cloud-based easy-to-use Discovery platform designed specifically for evidence review in a digital world. More than 90% of today’s evidence originates in electronic formats, and evidence continues to grow exponentially. Traditional methods of review is getting increasingly onerous, putting a heavy burden on lawyers, and causing legal fees to escalate.

There are 2 interfaces:

  • VenioOne OnDemand (for Self-Service)
  • VenioOne (for larger cases)

CaseRoom reduces the overwhelm experienced when facing a mountain of information. CaseRoom also includes analytics on data being processed. An advanced feature of CaseRoom, CAL, uses machine learning to speed up e-discovery review.