Lawnet 2 was launched on Thursday 5 July 2007.

It has now developed from modest search engine to a full fledged portal equipped with well thought through research tools that will make your life easier.

Lawnet2 is such a cool, state of the art research platform, it almost makes me want to go back to being a lawyer again.

Portal type features, such as the ability to bookmark cases, trace your search trail, save searches, schedule a reminder to update a search at a future date, receive automated email alerts of legal developments that you want to keep track of all, ensure repeat visits to the site.

The search tools helpfully prompt less skilled researchers towards better comprehensive research, as you can now with the click of a mouse check out referring cases, cases that the current case has been referred to, cases heard by the judge in question, relevant legislation and cases which are relevant to the same subject matter. Other things that I liked: combined searches so that you can now search various databases with a single search, unlike before.

Also, so much thought has been put into the interface that I found the system very easy to use and intuitive despite its increased sophistication and features.

But the cherry on the cake must be the inclusion of UK Law Reports and Weekly LawReports. Now is that a coup or what? Enough to persuade the remaining unsubscribed 20% of law firms and corporate counsels to come on board?

Kudos to Lawnet and Crimson Logic. I think you guys have outdone yourselves.


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