Archive-IT by Bizibody
Outsourced digitization and cloud storage for closed matters
Move from physical to electronic archiving of your documents and:
– Enjoy reduced storage costs as your volume increases; and
– Easily search, preview and retrieve documents when needed
End to End Solution
From the collection of your paper files to scanning and uploading of your electronic files to our electronic file archive, the ARCHIVEROOM, we take care of everything from start to finish.

Preparation of Documents
Staples, paper clips, sticky notes and binders etc are removed and creases are straightened out to ensure that the documentation can be fed through the scanners.

Scanning and OCR
The scanning process is undertaken with top of the range high speed scanners. We also comply with best practices in large scale industrial scanning. These processes include barcoding, manual imprints and image quality checks to ensure digitization accuracy.

Once scanned, the electronic files are uploaded to ARCHIVEROOM identified by Client Name and Matter Number. OCR is a key element of electronic document storage and allows you to search and retrieve any file by keywords within seconds from your desktop (or from your mobile device).

Archive-IT is:

Documents in our electronic file archive enjoy presumption of authenticity under the Evidence Act* and complies with the Law Society’s Best Practices for Electronic Storage**, including full audit trail.

Our upfront per matter pricing method allows you to pass on the cost to your client as a legitimate disbursement.

We eliminate the hassle of retrieving a physical file or working in a cluttered office by providing secure access to the ARCHIVEROOM.

Other benefits:
– Storage in world class data centres located in Singapore
– Auto-destruction alerts to avoid over-retention
– Supports paper and electronic sources, including PDFs, MS Office and Email formats (e.g. .pst, eml, msg)

* Presumption of Authenticity under the Evidence Act Section 116A: Where the electronic record was created in the usual and ordinary Court of business by a person who was not party to the proceedings, and the proponent of the record did not control the making of the record, the record will be presumed to be authentic.
** “Storage of  Documents in Electronic Form” from the Law Society of Singapore’s Guidance Note 1 of 2006