Cloud Powers Law Firms in 2016

2016 Year of Cloud_004

We believe that Cloud Technologies for the legal sector have now come of age, and we will see many more law firms, small and large, adopt cloud-based technologies for document management, document production, document collaboration, case management, evidence management, and eDiscovery in 2016.

By 2017, we expect that most of our clients would no longer need us to provide onsite support for windows-based servers.

Cloud technologies certainly reduces some of the traditional technical support roles that technology companies like Bizibody Technology play, but it also provides such companies with the ability to provide technologies that can reach a far-wider and geographically dispersed audience, with a small team.

We spent 2014 and 2015 getting cloud ready. Internally, we are cloud everything:  more than half my colleagues spend 1/2 to 3/4 of their time on the road, working from client’s place, their mobile or at a cafe. And we are now able to support clients from anywhere, including from Myanmar where our LEAP helpdesk is now based.

Bizibody now supports 2 of the world’s leading cloud-based products for the legal industry, Clio, a practice management system and NetDocuments, a document management system. We are targetting to bring in LEAP Cloud in mid-2016.

We have also created 2 exciting cloud products for the legal industry – Uberdocs and Action-It, for automated document production and collaborative calendaring, which you will be hearing more of.

Litigation Edge continues in its mission to provide document digitization services  to litigation and dispute resolution practices, where the volume of paper evidence continues to explode. This outsourced conversion of paper to bits and bytes service makes it possible for more cost effective litigation to take place, and for lawyers to enjoy the electronic tools of tagging, searching and hyperlinking.

And our partner, Opus 2, the leading provider of in-court technology and transcription services, blends sophisticated document management cloud technology with court reporting excellence to enable more paper-less and more efficient court/arbitration hearings.

The economic forecast for 2016 may be uncertain and challenging. But the cloud direction is one thing that we feel confident and certain about.