CEO Message for Legal Technology Roadshow 2017

2017 marks a great leap forward for legal technology in Singapore.

The year started with the Singapore Academy of Law releasing its 5-year legal technology Vision at the opening of the Legal Year, setting out 3 time-based levels of technology adoption in law firms (Baseline, Advanced and Innovative), the different solutions at each level, and the intended timeframe for achieving this.

Soon after, the Law Society announced: “Tech Start for Law”, which provides a 70% subsidy to law firms who adopt baseline technologies, such as Clio Practice Management System (“Clio”), which we are showcasing at our booth today. Just last week, the Law Society announced the launch of the Smart Law mark, to give recognition to law firms who have adopted baseline technologies to improve productivity.

I am personally very excited by these developments. Bizibody has been championing technology adoption in small and mid-sized law firms for over 15 years. Since 2002, we have enabled more than 150 law firms to adopt and implement baseline technologies such as LEAP Office, Clio and law firm websites. I am proud to say that more than 90% of our clients are eligible for the “Smart Law” mark.

The current level of interest in legal technology is unprecedented.  The generous government subsidies and smart law recognition are making many lawyers, who have so far been resistant, explore the possibilities. Once they have tasted the sweet efficiencies of legal technology there will be no turning back. We love seeing lawyers of many years standing getting excited about technology, especially once they realise it really is affordable.

If you are new to legal technology, connect with us to check out Clio and our special offerings, which include the following:

  • 70% CDG-CIP Grant + 10% Clio subscription discount
  • Complimentary client/matter data migration into Clio
  • Complimentary 30-minute Consultation on Automating Law Firm Processes.

Please visit our booth, and join me at my talk on Why Clio is the most popular law firm practice management system in the world today?

For the more advanced technology users, please ask us about:

  • Law Cloud, document automation and deadline calendaring solutions for high volume low margin process driven areas (eg conveyancing, personal injury, debt collection, corpsec);
  • Litigation solutions such as Magnum (for paper-less litigation) by Opus 2; and
  • Evidence Organiser (for bundle automation) by Litigation Edge.

You can also email us at or, or call us at 6521 7020 / 6236 2846.

Whether beginner or advanced, we at Bizibody look forward to being part of your digital transformation journey. We wish you an enjoyable and fruitful time at the Legal Tech Fair.

Serena Lim

CEO, Bizibody Technology