Are Your Clients Looking For You On The Web?


Consumers of legal services search engines are searching online for legal information, as well as information relating to their legal service providers.  We say that categorically, without hesitation.

How Do We Know That Your Clients Are Looking For You On The Web? 


Let me ask you:

• How many times a day do you use a search engine like Google to search for information?

• Have you googled for information on professional service providers, be they lawyers in other countries or professionals in other industries?

• The web is far more accessible than the yellow pages or any print media. Is it plausible that a consumer looks for everything else on the web, except for legal information and legal service providers?

On the balance of probability, one would likely conclude that prospects are likely to be searching for legal information and legal service providers via the Internet. We also have some empirical evidence to support this view.


• Earlier in 2008, we conducted a 100 person consumer survey in the CBD to ask how people would source for a lawyer. No surprises, more than 80% responded:

a. Through recommendations; and/or

b. Look up the internet.

• On the Bizibody website at, we used to list the names of our law firm clients. When we checked our search logs, we realised that a significant number of lay persons were visiting our site, as a result of google searches conducted on the name of the law firm.

• What this shows is:

a. People are googling specific law firms by name (probably because they have received a recommendation and want to find out more about the law firm, as part of their enquiry process)

b. Either the law firm had no website or if it did, the website has not been indexed by the usual search engine. In either case, this could mean an unintentional loss of a prospective client.

• Lawyers who are using Google Adwords (a form of search engine marketing) to market themselves, are bidding more than $1.00 per click for the term ”Singapore lawyer”,  to appear on the 1st page of the search results for “Singapore lawyer”. What does this signify? Well, seen in the context that the minimum bid on Google Adwords is $0.05 cents per click, a bid exceeding $1.00 per click signifies that the competition for “Singapore lawyer” is significant. We can also infer from the value of the bids on Google Adwords, that lawyers are enjoying the results of their Google Adword campaign, even at a bid value exceeding $1 (as they would otherwise discontinue their Adword marketing campaigns, if this were not the case)

• A check on the free Google Keyword Tool (which shows how many people are searching for each keyword phrase) shows the average volume of searches (in Singapore) for each of the terms “divorce lawyer”, “finding divorce lawyer”, to be just below 1000 searches a month.

Given the above, the relative affordability of getting a web presence, and the fact that the world has advanced to such a stage that the absence of a law firm website is perceived as being out of touch; if you, gentle reader, have still not got your website off the ground, we would suggest that you reprioritise the website, and tick it off your to do-list as soon as possible, lest your clients start to ponder about possible Luddite tendencies.

The Bizibody team knows how busy lawyers are. We assist law firms to obtain IDA website Grant entitlement (worth $1000) and to create their website with minimal effort. We have helped law firms set up their law firm website in a record turnaround time of 2 days.

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Serena Lim 

Bizibody Technology Pte Ltd, November 2008