2019 Three Bizibody products pre-approved for funding support under the Tech-celerate for Law program.
2018 Collaboration with the Singapore Academy of Law to develop and deliver Technology and Information training under their Legal Industry Framework for Training and Education (L.I.F.T.E.D)
2017 Clio is recognised under the Tech Start for Law program as a basic technology that helps law practices perform their essential day-to-day tasks more efficiently. Under the Program, Singapore law practices enjoy funding support of up to 70% of the first-year cost of adopting Clio.
2016 New business division set up to offer electronic archiving and physical storage of closed files to the legal industry
2015 The Law Society of Singapore engages Bizibody as online CLE provider
2014 Hotdocs appoints Bizibody as a reseller of Hotdocs

Clio appoints Bizibody as a Clio Certified Consultant

2013 Singapore International Arbitration Centre engages Bizibody to build its case management system
2011 Bizibody sets  up 2 new business divisions to provide:
– Insourced and outsourced book-keeping and payroll services to law firms
– Law firm start up and corporate secretarial services
2010 Bizibody sets up a new business division to provide litigation support and eDiscovery services for smaller law firms
2009 Bizibody sets up new division to develop cloud applications for the legal community
2008 Supreme Court of Singapore awards the tender to develop its Integrated Electronic Litigation System to a consortium comprising Crimson Logic and Bizibody
2007 The Law Society of Singapore engages Bizibody to provide management consultancy services to its members under the Practice Consult Scheme.

The State Courts of Singapore (formerly the Subordinate Courts) appoints Serena Lim, Founder and Director of Bizibody, as member of ICourtLab Advisory Council.

Bizibody partners LEAP Legal to bring in a suite of legal technology products designed for small law firms.

2005  Singapore Academy of Law appoints Bizibody as official trainer of STARS E-Lodgement

Singapore Academy of Law engages Bizibody to develop the Freelaw portal

The Law Society of Singapore appoints Bizibody as an approved vMCPD training provider; and PrimeLaw Consultant

2004 Bizibody is awarded the “Friend of the Law Society” award for its legal industry work
2003 Singapore Academy of Law appoints Bizibody to develop the Legal Prospector, the case research repository under LAWNET

Bizibody partners with Temasek Polytechnic to assist in the development of its paralegal course and to train students in the use of legal technology software

Guo Fu, a law firm that Bizibody is a legal technology consultant to, wins the CCH Legal Technology Awards in the best implementation category for small law firms

Bizibody develops and launches JusticeOnLine, together with the Singapore Judiciary, an innovative web communication platform which facilitates online PTC hearings using first generation web conferencing technologies.

2001-2002 Bizibody changes it business from a B2B dotcom marketplace to a legal technology consulting business with its appointment by Midware as a reseller of   Open Practice, Worldox and Lawdocs.
2000 Bizibody is founded by 4 lawyers, as a B2B dotcom for the exchange of business information.