Propelling Law Firms

Bizibody is a specialist management consultancy that provides legal technology and outsourced support services to law firms so as to increase efficiency, profitability and enjoyment of their law practice.

We offer end to end solutions to eliminate the common "pain points" of legal practice. We provide support when you are looking to:

  • Start a new law firm
  • Manage your firm more efficiently
  • Strengthen your client relationships and get more business
  • Implement a secure IT infrastructure
  • Decrease your overheads
  • Work from anywhere
  • Build a succession plan

How We Work

Founded by lawyers, in 2000, we have first-hand understanding of law firms' needs and are 100% focused on serving the needs of the legal community.

Our starting point is, always, to understand your specific need(s). From this perspective, we provide the technology and outsourced solutions that best address your needs.

Why Choose Us

  • We understand lawyers
  • We are passionate about helping small firms embrace technology to gain competitive advantage
  • We provide solutions
  • We offer technology that best meets clients' needs
  • We are a one-stop shop that can offer assistance for all facets of practice management
  • We make the effort to get to know each of our clients

As at 2016, we have provided support and assistance to over 250 law firms in Singapore. We also work closely with the Singapore Judiciary, the Singapore Academy of Law and the Law Society of Singapore.

Find out more about us, how we can help you and what our clients say about us.


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